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5 Tips to Boost your Productivity at a Coworking Space.

It is a window into a fundamentally new way of thinking about our relationship with our work. It is made possible by the latest technology but it is rooted in our most fundamental and timeless human nature. It exists because of our innate need to share, help, and socialize with one another.

Playing a critical role in helping shape a world in which anyone can pursue work they believe in on their terms, and find others with whom to share their pursuit.

The world needs Coworking. The world needs it to be bigger, more diverse, more helpful, and more beautiful. A Coworking Industry which is having its peak of growth in this shared economy to be productive must have these critical resources :

• Physical (office space)
• Logistical (other physical resources)
• Intellectual (the whole community with which you can engage and share knowledge to create value for yourself and the community at large).

Talking about the traditional offices require huge cost because you must personally invest on all the resources you need, unlike coworking space which comes fully loaded with furniture Tea/Coffee, High Speed internet, Printing/Scan Copy. This serves you as a plug and play office.

To make your work more productive, these are the few ways you can leverage coworking ecosystem:

1.Know your coworkers
To be amicable with the co-workers is a great way to enjoy work life. Communication, the essence of a relationship through which coworking builds a strong community to connect, collaborate and create. Knowing your coworkers enhance your skills, share ideas which bring innovation and build a stress-free environment leads to better work and better results!
And who knows the person sitting next to you can be the future investor or cofounder.

The coworkers of Adited try to maintain an atmosphere of politeness, respect, and geniality, they play a part towards creating a great work environment, with a strong team ethos. Engage in conversation, and listen to the suggestions and thoughts of others.

2.Be organized and disciplined:
Productivity comes when you are fervent about you work. Being organized in your place not only helps you boost capacity but helps the coworkers to be productive as well.
It’s as they say – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

3.Know your workspace:
The space endowed with various amenities to the coworkers which couldn’t have been there or required investment like- a Huddle Area, Meeting Rooms, Video Conferencing and secretarial services. These relieves the coworkers from spending resources and productive time, as this can be availed anytime.

Adited while providing top most services even linked up in partnership with various big players in Indore to provide convenient ways to the members from ordering food to getting a pact inspected, and by leveraging these offerings members can optimize their time and resources which hence increases productivity and helps in getting best out of the relationship.

4.Know the community more closely beyond your co-workers
Events are a part of any office space so as of coworking spaces. These events are organized for their community and welcome members to be a part of it and get connect. A community invest so much of time and money for there members by being a part of it members will get an opportunity to interact with the coworkers and get the best out of the events.

Adited has initiated an event on women entrepreneurship #sheistheleader and various community events ,workshops – eChai summer school, Marketing workshops , Pitch live In indore and many more, and gave opportunities to get out of the crowd.

5.Personalize your space
To get best out of your work you must need a space where you feel your own. Many coworkers feel that coworking space is a temporary solution for their space but this doesn’t mean you don’t have any personalized space, Individuals may consciously or subconsciously take comfort from the items with which they surround themselves at work, and these items may help employees to maintain emotional energy in the face of the stresses that come from their work and the distractions and difficulties inherent while working.

So the best in your work can be created by maintaining a balance and by following these tips to boost up your productivity.